Idé og Vision

Idé og Vision for galleriet

Idéen med Galleri Tornby udspringer i min lidenskab for kunst såvel som aktiv kunstner,
som beskuer/kunstnyder samt opvækst i et kunstnermiljø på egnen omkring- og i Hirtshals.
Galleri Tornby udstiller og formidler et spændende udvalg i unika indenfor ny dansk- og international
kunst primært malerier, men også anden smuk unika som f.eks. skulpturer udført i bronze, raku mv.
Galleriet vil huse såvel international anerkendte kunstnere som talentfulde kunstnere på vej frem.
Visionen for galleriet går i retning af, at det skal ose langt væk af god kunst og kultur af høj kvalitet,
og formidles på en sådan vis, at det giver publikum en dejlig oplevelse.
Der skal være plads til multi-kulturelle indslag, herunder også et strejf af musikalske toner,
dog vil maleriet til enhver tid få første prioritet!
I det hele taget er målet, at oplevelsen i galleriet skal være så god,
at det er værd at køre en omvej for at besøge Galleri Tornby samt lyst til at komme igen.
I tilknytning til galleriet er der et refugium/lejlighed,
som fra tid til anden vil huse interesserede kunstnere og kunstinteresserede.
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Med venlig hilsen
Kim Bernhard Tornby, indehaver

Galleri Tornby kåret som ”MÅNEDENS ATTRAKTION” i Danmark,
oktober 2013, af det internationale magasin SCAN MAGAZINE

SCAN MAGAZINE distribueres bl.a. til fly i mange flyselskaber, store internationale lufthavne
i lounges og gates,  mange ambassader og konsulater, hoteller, færger mv.

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Signe Hansen, attraction of the month, Scan Magazine.


Explore the art of upcoming international artists - in Northern Jutland

At the idyllic Gallery Tornby in Northern Jutland, artists and visitors from all over the world benefit from owner Kim Bernhard Tornby’s genuine love of art and the people behind it. This autumn, the gallery exhibits the work of Norwegian multi artist Arjuna Geir Aasehaug and Serbian visual artist Gala Caki as well as selected works of the almost 50 artists connected to the gallery.

As a testimony to the continued artistic significance of Denmark’s famous northern tip, also known as the land of light, Gallery Tornby, in Vester Tversted (on the main road to Skagen), presents a surprisingly international art collection of, primarily, paintings. Immediately upon turning towards the charming, white farmhouse, guests are faced with a giant manifestation of the sky-high level of creativity and ambition that saturates its every nook and cranny. The Fillod stone, a 15 ton rock decorated in captivating patterns, serves as the fittingly original landmark of the gallery. Among the many well-established names to have exhibited and worked with the gallery is the Fillod stone’s creator, the now 78-year-old French artist Daniel Fillod. The enigmatic artist, who uses everything from walls to windows as canvasses, decorated the stone with a combination of Nordic and Indian mythology as well as “a bit of his own soul”, explains gallery owner Kim Bernhard Tornby. The three meter tall stone was one among many artworks created during the gallery’s French/Danish art week in the summer of 2012.

 International reach Despite its somewhat secluded and serene location Gallery Tornby’s reputation has travelled afar since its inauguration in May 2009. One of the gallery’s first exhibitions with a non-Scandinavian artist was that of the visual artist Serhiy Savchenko from Ukraine. The artist’s positive experience with the gallery since enabled a string of collaborations with other Eastern European artists. This has set Gallery Tornby apart from many Danish galleries focused on mainly Nordic art. “What I aim to do, is to stand out from the crowd and showcase something which is not often seen in Denmark. The problem with new Eastern European artists is that they are not that known in Denmark - and not at all known in Tversted,” jokes the gallery owner with a reference to the remote location and tiny size of Tversted. “To some extend people buy art because they like it, but they also think about its prospective value, and that means that because they hear and read more about Danish art, they are more likely to buy that. That’s why I make four year contracts with my artists - to give the quality of their work time to soak through.”

Gallery Tornby also represents a string of Danish and Scandinavian artists as well as artists from France, Spain and South America. When setting up exhibitions artists benefit from the gallery’s adjoined holiday cottage and artist refuge.

The infectious joy of art The idea of opening his own gallery came to Kim in 2008, after he, in his 40s, had rediscovered a passion for visual art. “As a kid I used to help out my granddad who had a paint store. He was also a keen art painter and he sold art items such as canvasses, which I helped make. Actually, I made canvasses for some of Denmark’s most famous artists, and I grew up in a very artistic environment,” Kim says. However, Kim left the art world behind when he decided to travel the world as a marine engineer. But when, years later, back in Denmark he and his Faroese girlfriend, Hannelin Simona Á Hálvmørk, stooped upon a beautifully located old farm house by North Jutland’s western coastline, Kim’s innate love of art turned into a dream of creating his own gallery. Less than a year later, he had turned the dream into reality.
Kim, who still works full-time as a production manager at a medical company, is not just dedicated to visual art but also to music. The two art forms are constantly interwoven at Gallery Tornby. Last year the gallery’s many musical events led Kim to be awarded the Jazz Award Of The Year at the internationally recognized jazz festival JazzyDays.

 “The gallery is my free space, my passion and my social network, but do not misunderstand that, because it is also a professionally run business and there is a purpose to all of the initiatives which pop up again and again,” stresses Kim. This autumn Gallery Tornby will take part in the start of JazzyDays in Tversted with a live jazz concert with guitarist Ole Bech at the opening of the Arjuna Geir Aasehaug and Gala Caki exhibitions October 12 . The following week the gallery will be open every day except Monday.

Facts: Gallery Tornby is located close to Tversted, 35km from Skagen and 79km from Aalborg Airport.
The Gallery is open from 13:00pm-17:00pm all Saturdays and Sundays from March 24 to November 3 as well as specific holidays.
Address: Skagensvej 53b, Tversted, 9881 Bindslev

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