Bela Aldatova

The artistic creativity of Bela can be attributed to the territory and language of symbolism.
Works are a deep, multifaceted forms of images, built through a fragmentary composition, always leaving the viewer an opportunity to guess what is beyond the canvas. Sometimes the canvas shows a whole, complete world, which prompts us to fantasies. For my works, atmospheric mood is necessary.

Bela Aldatova, born in 1988 in the city of Beslan, Republic of North Osetia, Russia.
In 2009 graduated from art college in the city of Vladikavkaz. In 2015 graduated from St. Petersburg Art and Industry Academy named after A.L. Shtiglic, faculty of art and restautation. Member of the Russian artists union
Participation in exhibitions :


– 5th international contest “Pulse of Fashion” – 1 place in the nomination “Art-


– International competition of grotesque painting and drawing “Baraonda” (2nd prize for the work “Rural Masquerade”).
– Exhibition of the Union of Artists of St. Petersburg “Nadezhda-9”


– Exhibition of the Union of Artists of St. Petersburg “Autumn 2011”
– Youth exhibition in Samara.

– Exhibitions of the Union of Artists of St. Petersburg:
– “Youth of St. Petersburg”
– “Autumn 2012”
– Center for Graphics, Painting and Design “Start Academy” – personal exhibition “In Reflected Light”


– Art exhibition in the Russian Center of Science and Culture in Helsinki “Time that is not”
– Personal exhibition “Threads of contradictions”, Gallery MArt
– International Biennale of Graphic Arts
– Personal exhibition “Worlds”, Gallery “Artmuza”


– Exhibition “The state of winter”, Gallery “Artmuza”
– Exhibition “Steppe Silk Road”, PRC, Hohhot


– Exhibition “Contemporary Russian Painting”, PRC, Panjin

My paintings are in a private collection of following countries: Russia, Italy, Serbia, Finland, Georgia, China.


– “Vernissage of the year, exhibition of the union of painters of Vladikavkaz-


– “Art revolution”, Taipei

– “Denniza art festival”, Berlin

–  Personal exhibition “World of images”, Berlin

– “Vernissage of the year, exhibition of the union of painters of Republic of North Ossetia-Alania


– Jubilee exhibition “80 years to the Painters union”, Republic of North Ossetia-Alania

– “Awakening exhibition”, PRC,Harbin

– “Youth exhibition”, Republic of North Ossetia-Alania


Paintings are kept in galleries and private collections of following countries: Russia, Finland, PRC, Germany, Italy, Canada, Galleri Tornby in Denmark etc.



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