Masha Krivopishina

Masha Krivopishina was born 1989, in Kiev, Ukraine, in a family of hereditary artists. To expand her knowledge and to develop vision in art and ways of self-expression she also received education in psychology and philosophy. For today she works in two technics – figurative and abstraction. In her graphic artworks she tries to show feelings with the help of the body and don’t use any colors except black and white, saying that color distracts from the sense and the meaning can be achieved with the help of gestures and poses. And opposite point of view she has in her abstract artworks, works with a very rare and special material – enamel, which gives a special brilliance and depth of colors to show the emotions of life. Two different ways of self-expression in one artist make her unique and close to everything alive. Her art first at all by her own words, try to maintain her madness within the boundaries of reason. «The subject matter might change, but my love for color and passion for life remain». Masha participates in international art fairs and has solo exhibitions in Europe, Russia and Ukraine. Her last presentations had a great success in Denmark, Germany and Saint Petersburg. Prize winner of the international contests of artistic projects. She cooperates with international designs and interior studios in Russia and Europe. Creating a posters for the Russian theater and participates as an artistic director in individual performances.

What was your first experience with/discovery of art? What made you want to become an artist?
My grandfather was an artist. His father also. It was starting from my childhood. But I decided also to study also as a psychologist for better understanding a human’s soul and emotions. And the last reason but not the less – I have just one life and here I want to do what makes me really feel happy.

– Are there any key themes, messages or theories behind your work?

I love colours, really love so much. The first what child could start to understand starting from colours –  and when you become older nothing change –  first we explore emotionally everything with colours and just after with our brains. In abstraction artworks my main goal to give a positive emotions to human – not about happiness like laughs –  a happiness like when you seat close to the seaview what you feel, when you walking thought green forest with fresh air and etc –  it´s all about deep emotions.In my graphic artworks I have main topic – it´s hands. Human hands. Why they? Because hands speak more about a person’s life than his tongue. About his character. And we always hold with our hands  what is dear to us.

– Could you tell us a bit about your artistic approach? (Style, medium and specific techniques.)

I like different materials. For many years I have been working with enamel, I love this material for it’s solid structure, smooth surface and infinitely bright and deep glossy colors.In the same time I like soft pastel the same – its different –  its deep also but it´s something about shadows and soul, not emotions. Nowadays I mixe this too material in some my artworks and thing it´s just a start for something new in my art career.

– Please write a personal quote/sentence that best represents you as an artist (in your own words, max. 30 words.)
In my paintings I try to maintain my madness within the boundaries of reason. The subject matter might change, but my love for color and passion for life remain. Pendulum of Extremes. 

Masha Krivopishina
Artist’s CV


  • International art fair Art Nordic, presented by Palast Galerie from Berlin, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Charity exhibition and auction «Kids for Syria», Fann-A-Porter Gallery, UAE, Dubai
  • Solo exhibition of contemporary art, Palast Galerie, Berlin, Germany
  • International art project «Era of Mercy» to the 250th anniversary of the Hermitage, International fond Master class, Saint Petersburg, Russia 
  • Exhibition of contemporary art under the patronage of Ministry of Culture of Ukraine Revolution, Checkpoint Charlie Museum, Berlin, Germany
  • Exhibition of contemporary art «Reality and future», Culture Centre of Ukraine, Brugge, Belgium
  • Solo exhibition «Demoralization», gallery Master, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
  • Representative of Ukraine at the International exhibition «Art for peace»,  Artists Union Hall, Erevan, Armenia
  • Solo exhibition «Personal hue. The enamel on a canvas », Gallery SKLO, Kiev, Ukraine
  • Joint German-Ukrainian exhibition of contemporary art, Palast Galerie, Berlin, Germany
  • Solo exhibition «Phoenix. Revival», Art centre J.Grether, Kiev, Ukraine
  • Exhibition of contemporary art «Ukraine. Reality and future», Museum of Russian art, Kiev, Ukraine
  • Exhibition of contemporary art «Reality and future», The Kaw LF, Luxembourg
  • Solo exhibition «Graphic», Konigmotor club, Moscow, Russia
  • International exhibition ‘Open Doors project‘, Fórum Eugénio de Almeida, CENTRO DE ARTE E CULTURA, Evora, Portugal
  • International exhibition ‘Summer‘, Pzeszow, Poland
  • Solo exhibition «Opening the soul», Artprichal Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine
  • Exhibition of contemporary art Green life, Institut of Modern Art of Ukraine, Kiev


  • Participant of the international artistic project Portas Abertas, Évora, Portugal.
  • Participant of the international plein air in Poland, Hadle
  • Prize winner of the Soviart international contest for artistic projects, Kiev, Ukraine
  • Prize winner of the Crystal Palette painter`s competition, Kiev, Ukraine
  • Participant of the eco project/ residents «Green Life», Shayan, Ukraine


  • Co-curator exhibition of contemporary art under the patronage of Ministry of Culture of Ukraine Revolution, Checkpoint Charlie Museum, Berlin, Germany

Works in private collections in Great Britain, USA, Germany, Denmark, UAE, Russia, Scotland, France, Sweden, Israel and Ukraine.



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